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    Find More Information About Adding A Living Space To Your Home And Repairing Or Replacing A Damaged Roof By Visiting These Sites

    Last updated 5 years ago

    In our recent blog posts, we discussed how to turn a basement into a livable room and the problems that a damaged roof can cause. For more information on these topics, click on the links below. If you are looking for a home remodeling service provider, call Bak Brothers Remodeling, Inc. in Chicago at (224) 205-4731

    Do you want more ideas for transforming your basement into a livable space? Then go to the Houzz website!

    Think about the ideas in this Better Homes and Gardens article as you’re updating your basement.

    Neglecting to repair your roof can lead to water damage and numerous other problems. Learn why only a professional should handle roof repairs by reading this article by This Old House.

    Damaged roofs can easily start growing mold. Find out more about mold and health at the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

    As you’re remodeling your basement, follow the advice in this Bob Vila article.

    3 Great Ideas for Transforming Your Unfinished Basement into a Livable Room

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Basements are often thought of as being cold, dark rooms used only for storage. However, that doesn’t have to be the case in your home. By following a few basic steps and hiring a professional remodeler, you can turn your damp old basement into a new room that the whole family will love. Here are three fantastic ideas for refinishing your basement and transforming it into a livable space:


    Basements are typically not designed to be lived in. So before moving into your basement, you will have to make some serious changes to it. First, clean out the room and inspect the space for any signs of mold growth or water damage. Next, decide how you want the room to look and communicate your ideas to the home remodeling company you are working with. For example, many homeowners who remodel their basements will have replacement windows and insulated walls installed.


    After your basement has been properly constructed, you can move forward with beautifying it. Adding track lighting and painting the walls with a light color are some ways to brighten up the room. If you want to add a touch of elegance to the space, you can have natural wood floors and baseboards put in. An interior remodeling professional will be able to assist you throughout this process, helping you make your basement look incredible.

    Add Amenities

    You can also spice up your basement room with a few extra amenities. Furniture, wall hangings, an entertainment center, and rugs all make fabulous additions any basement. Additionally, if you really want your room to stand out, you could build a fancy bar or have a wine storage area constructed. The options for what you can do with a converted basement are nearly endless.

    These are only a few ways to turn your basement into a personalized, livable space. For more information on basement remodeling, call the experts at Bak Brothers Remodeling, Inc. We can help you design and build a new basement, providing the best customer service in the North Shore area. Talk with one of our friendly remodelers today by calling (224) 205-4731.

    Which Siding Material is Best for Your Home?

    Last updated 5 years ago

    There are many siding options to choose from in today’s home improvement marketplace. However, if your home siding is in need of an update, which unique siding material will work best for your building?

    By watching this video, you’ll get that question answered. A home remodeling specialist discusses the benefits of different siding materials such as wood, vinyl, and fiber cement. You’ll learn which one of these materials will give you the best durability and longevity for your money as well as other helpful facts.

    To learn more about updating your home’s siding, call Bak Brothers Remodeling, Inc. in Chicago. We can answer all of your questions and will install your new siding with the highest degree of professionalism. Contact our office today at (224) 205-4731.

    The Consequences of Neglecting Your Old or Damaged Roof

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Is your roof aging or in desperate need of repair? If so, you should have it fixed by a home remodeling professional as soon as possible. Failing to repair a roof can result in severe damage that will compromise the structural integrity of your home. Here are some of the consequences of neglecting an old or damaged roof:

    Big Repair Costs

    Homeowners sometimes think that minor roof damage like a loose shingle or missing tile is not a serious concern. However, nothing could be further from the truth. What appears to be a small problem today will ultimately develop into a much larger issue. Scheduling regular maintenance and fixing minor problems as they occur will cost much less than extensive repairs or total roof replacement, which often becomes necessary when damage and leaks are left unaddressed.

    Severe Water Damage

    Water can easily leak through old or damaged roofs, which is a problem that should not be taken lightly. After water passes through a roof, it can become trapped inside the attic or move down into a home’s walls, damaging insulation and causing mold to grow. Mold growth is particularly troublesome not only because it is difficult to remove, but also because it is hazardous to human health.

    Poor Safety

    A neglected roof is not safe to live under. For example, if enough water collects on an old or damaged roof, the structure can collapse, injuring the people who live inside. Because of this safety issue, roofs should be remodeled and repaired the moment any problems are identified.

    Decreased Property Value

    If your roof is defective and you are planning to sell your house in the future, think again. A home with serious roof problems is not very attractive to potential buyers. If you do find somebody to sell to, they will likely offer much less than you expect.

    If you live on Chicago’s North Shore and need to have your roof fixed, contact Bak Brothers Remodeling, Inc. For over 18 years, our team of professionals has been repairing roofs, remodeling kitchens, and refinishing basements. To learn more about our comprehensive service offerings, call our office at (224) 205-4731 and schedule an appointment with us today.

    Click On the Links Below To find More Useful Home Remodeling Information and Resources

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Whether you are touching up siding or gut remodeling your home, the goal is to have improvements that increase property value and enjoyment of your home. Teaming up with a remodeling contractor will bring your vision to life more effectively than would tackling the project on your own. Check out these links for more tips and resources that will help you remodel to your exact specifications. has some remodeling preparation tips that will make both your life and your contractor’s job easier from the project’s start.

    If you are looking to revitalize your home’s exterior, breaks down the various types of siding by price, durability, accessibility, and other factors.

    Experienced realtors advise when it is appropriate to gut remodel your house, as opposed to demolishing it, in this Chicago Magazine article.

    The United States Green Building Council advocates gut remodeling as an alternative to demolition whenever possible. Your gut remodel helps protect the environment by reusing materials and keeping them out of landfills.

    On the subject of green remodeling, has tips on eco-friendly home insulation solutions.

    Bak Brothers Remodeling, Inc. can help you plan and execute any home improvement job in the North Shore and surrounding areas. Call us at (224) 205-4731 to discuss your project with our experienced contractors or to learn more about window, flooring, and siding installation.

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