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    Choosing the Right New Windows for Your Home

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Windows are one of the key aesthetic and functional components of any house. They provide ventilation during milder seasons, and during extreme temperatures they can help insulate your home. The design of the windows contributes both to your home’s interior design and its exterior curb appeal.

    When you decide to install new windows, you have a variety of styles to choose from. Sliding windows, casement windows, bay windows, and fixed windows all have distinct advantages and disadvantages, and some types work better in certain rooms than others. To learn more about window designs and materials, watch the video below.

    Bak Brothers Remodeling, Inc. specializes in all types of home remodeling, including window installation. We serve homes around Chicago and on the North Shore. Schedule a window consultation with us by calling (224) 205-4731.

    The Benefits of Remodeling Your Home

    Last updated 5 years ago

    To live in your ideal space, you don’t need to suffer through the process of selling your house and shopping for a new one. You can have a dream kitchen or an updated master bathroom installed in your current home. Better yet, combine an interior remodel with new siding and roofing and you can have the feel of a brand-new home right at your current address. When you remodel your home, you can enjoy:

    Improved Use of Space
    If your home feels cramped or claustrophobic, you can create a contemporary open concept floor plan by removing any non-load bearing walls that separate rooms. Maximize storage or living space by installing shelving in alcoves, or transforming these spaces into reading nooks. Add sliding shelves to kitchen cabinets and built-in medicine cabinets to bathrooms. You don’t need to buy a bigger house to find more space.

    Increased Curb Appeal
    Don’t neglect the outside of your home. Aging roofs, faded paint, and dented gutters detract from your home’s look. Remodeling the exterior will increase the curb appeal of your home and match any improvements you make inside. New roofing shingles, upgraded siding, and replacement windows don’t just add cosmetic appeal, however—they also help insulate your home from inclement weather and protect it from structural damage.

    Added Home Value
    Whether you’re planning to stay in your home for a long time or sell it soon and move somewhere else, a remodel is a smart investment. Exterior improvements help keep your home free from mold and water damage. Prospective buyers value updated kitchens and renovated bathrooms. You can add extra value even to older homes with smart remodels.

    You can trust Bak Brothers Remodeling, Inc. with all your home improvement projects. No matter what the scope of your project is, we provide products to fit your budget and services you can depend on. We construct roofs, install siding, remodel kitchens, and update bathrooms all around Chicago’s North Shore. Call us today at (224) 205-4731 for home remodeling quotes.

    Get More Valuable Home Winterization And Remodeling Information When You Visit The Resources Below

    Last updated 6 years ago

    As a homeowner, you undoubtedly want to take the best care of your house for years to come. At Bak Brothers Remodeling, Inc., we can help you with a number of interior and exterior remodeling projects, including installing energy-efficient windows and doors to save you money and resources. If you’d like to know more, click through these helpful articles and give us a call at (224) 205-4731.

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    The Process of Winterizing Your Home

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Winter is approaching, and as a homeowner, you have more to do than gather firewood and get the sweaters out of storage: your home needs to be winterized. It may be best that you let a quality contractor take care of the home winterizing so you’ll be secure in the knowledge that the job was done correctly. When winterizing, make sure to:

    Install storm doors and windows. When you install storm doors and windows, you can increase energy efficiency in your home by up to 45%. Install storm doors and windows on the outside of your regular doors and windows.

    Check your insulation. Go into your attic, and if you can see the ceiling joists, then you could probably use additional insulation. Adding insulation to your attic will boost the energy efficiency of your home.

    Insulate your pipes. When you wrap your pipes, you can help keep the heat in and even raise the temperature of the water running through the pipes. This allows you to reduce the wear on your boiler by running less water, which can save you money on your gas and water bills. Wrapping your pipes with insulation will also help prevent your pipes from freezing during those cold winter nights.

    Inspect your roof for any broken or missing shingles. Even the highest quality roofing material can be adversely affected by severe storms, pooling water, and ice buildup. In windy weather, tiles could get torn off your roof and cause accidents, so take care to remove debris and fix any broken or cracked tiles or shingles on your roof as soon as possible.

    For expert home winterization, as well as siding, window and roof repair, call Bak Brothers Remodeling, Inc. in the Chicago, Illinois area at (224) 205-4731 to learn about our excellent services that can help put you and your family at ease. We are available to answer any questions you may have, so don’t delay—call today.

    Maximize Your Return on Investment with a Kitchen Remodel

    Last updated 6 years ago

    A kitchen remodel is a wonderful idea. Homebuyers are often attracted to homes with beautiful, functional kitchens, so you’re helping to increase the value of your home when you undertake a kitchen remodel. Learn more about kitchen remodeling by checking out this informative clip.

    With a standard kitchen remodel, you should expect an 85% return on your investment. The more you transform your kitchen, the greater the return, so choose durable, beautiful features for your new kitchen, such as granite countertops.

    Morton Grove, Illinois’ Bak Brothers Remodeling, Inc. can help you realize the home of your dreams. We offer a wide array of exterior and interior remodeling services. If you’d like to schedule a consultation or ask any questions, please give us a call at (224) 205-4731.

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